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Swiftech MCW60-R GPU Water Block for Most NVIDIA & ATI Video Cards 1/2 & 3/8 & 1/4 Barb Fittings

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Swiftech MCW60-R GPU Water Block for Most NVIDIA & ATI Video Cards 1/2 & 3/8 & 1/4 Barb Fittings - 1
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Swiftech MCW60-R GPU Water Block for Most NVIDIA & ATI Video Cards 1/2 & 3/8 & 1/4 Barb Fittings - 23008_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: MCW60-R

SKU: 23008
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

Customer Reviews of Swiftech MCW60-R

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varge S
Experience: 1 Months


For the moment i like this product and ive been using it for 1month no problem
This item is really good good quality good price worth it

Experience: 1 Months


Ive been using this item for a while and i got no problem so far
I have nothing to say this item i like it so much that I might buy another one. Its a good price and good quality

Experience: 5 Days


multiple mounting brackets make it very versatile. Great cooling.
no back bracket for 8800 mounting hardware.
kinda useless manual.
Mounted this on a pair of 8800GTS went on easily thanks to the other mounting brackets. Easy install overall. Does not come with Ram Sinks though.

Experience: 10 Days


Easy to install, comes with 8800 mounting gear
base was scratched.
One of the best, and cheapest waterblock out there, cool my 8800gtx(with PA120.2) which is know to be hot. Easy to install, so far so good.

Experience: 4 Months


Good flow. Good Price.
The barbs go right over a few chips on the 8800gtx OC card, making it hard to put the chip/mosfet heat-sinks on.
Working really well at what its supposed to do, once its on i haven't had a problem with it. The price ain't that bad too.

Experience: 5 Days


Small and effective waterblock
Worked really well with the Swiftech Mcr-320 rad.
Good waterblock put in customer rig now bought one again for myself remember when installing this on the 8800gt to cool your mofsets i used the zalman heatsinks as they stuck a lot better then the swiftech ones and i have a antec spot cool fan cooling the card.

Added it to my loop idles at 28-30 and stressed it with Gpu cap viewer only went up to 35 degrees after 10 mins.

This review was modfied by poster @ 07-05-08 04:16 PM

Experience: 1 Days


build quality
compatible with many GPUs
not full-coverage
very little space between tubing if using 3/4" OD tubing
don't use the barbs that come with it
I bought this WB to save a bit of money over the full-cover blocks. It is not lapped and neither is the GPU core. Temps are great: 47 load and 41 idle on an 8800GTX running 660/1546/2050 clocks. I used DD 1/2" barbs and 3/4" OD tygon tubing with this block. I used Swiftech tube clamps on all other fittings but there was such little space between the tubing on the GPU block that they didnt fit. I resolved this problem by using 2 very small zip ties on each tube. These fit fine and did not leak at all. I will give this waterblock 4/5 stars because its not full cover. In every other aspect of design, this is a great waterblock. This review was modfied by poster i 05-17-08 09:22 PM

This review was modfied by poster @ 05-17-08 09:21 PM

<[] [POSSE] [] Cptn. Vortex
Experience: 6 Months


Amazing cooling, simple installation, great price
No ramsinks supplied, plastic barbs, 2 slot cooling solution
I have a pair of these, use one on my 8800GTX and keep the other for a spare, should I get a new videocard. I love these simple little blocks. Keeps my overclocked 8800GTX below 50 degrees at all times.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Excellent block
Takes 2 slots
Plastic Barbs
A great water block. It is very versatile and is high quality. I just wish it was able to come as a single slot block and with better barbs.

Experience: 14 Days


I got this GPU water block for my Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra, I don't want to cool my northbridge chip, so I didn't buy the ultra+. It work well with the kits.

Product Videos [ Edit ]


Features [ Edit | History ]


MCW60 retail version (part #MCW60-R)

Designed in the USA 
(one or more patents pending)



The MCW60™ waterblock is a next generation liquid cooling solution for high-end graphics processors (GPU's). It uses the same base plate technology as the award-winning Apogee CPU water-block for enhanced heat dissipation and optimum flow-rate in complete liquid cooling systems.

Companion products selection Guide

Depending on your graphics card model and application such as extreme overclocking, cooling of the surface mount components such as Ram modules and mosfets may be necessary, and companion products to the MCW60 are available in option as follows:

Surface Mount Components Cooling Selection Guide:

MCWRamcool water-blocks

VGA Ram Water-block for nVidia
GeForce up to 7950 series:

  • Use with the MCW60 for a complete liquid cooling solution of most GeForce graphics cards up to the 7950 series (excluding 8800 series)


MC14 Ramsinks

Set of 8 Ramsinks

  • Use with the the MCW60 for passive cooling of the Ram chips with most high-end ATI and nVidia graphics cards
MC21mosfet heatsinks

Set 4 Mosfet heatsinks

  • Use whenever needed for passive cooling of the Vcore mosfets

Pictures Gallery

The MCW60 with the MC14 memory Ramsinks
- click on picture to enlarge-

The MCW60 with the MCW-Ramcool water-block
- click on picture to enlarge-

The MCW60 G80 adapter plate provides compatibility with nVidia's latest GeForce 8800 series vifdeo cards. Shown here with the MC8800 coolink kit on nVidia's GeForce 8800 GTX.

The G80 adapter kit is used to replace the standard MCW60 hold-down plate and allows installation with GeForce 8000 series Video Cards.

Features and benefits at a glance

Versatility VGA compatibility: the improved mounting system provides compatibility with most ATI® Radeon® and most high-end nVidia® GeForce® graphics adapters (see compatibility section for details).
Water-cooling system compatibility: The water-block ships with 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" barbs for universal compatibility with any liquid cooling circuit.
Low water-block profile allows installation with nVidia's SLI and ATI's CrossFire™ systems.
The NPSM thread used in the MCW60 is BSPP and G 1/4 fittings compatible (see technical note on Fittings Compatibility)


The thermal performance model focuses extreme cooling where it is in fact the most needed: at the GPU level. This will afford better overclocks, and overall lower system temperature. Efficient and silent memory cooling is handled by using individual Ramsinks.
Water-block Performance The MCW60 waterblock inherits all its thermal and hydraulic characteristics from the Apogee CPU water-block, in particular the Patent Pending Diamond Pin Matrix cold plate, proven for its thermal efficiency with today's high end CPUs.
Memory performance Greater thermal efficiency is obtained thanks to the superior mechanical joint afforded by individual heatsinks compared to monolithic memory cooling solutions.
Reliability The housing is injection molded from POM (Acetal Co-polymer) resulting in complete reliability compared to machined Acrylic tops which tend to crack.
All hydraulic joints (housing to cold-plate and fittings) use o-rings for complete reliability and leak-free operations.
The mounting system includes a strong stiffening back-plate with a soft rubber center pad to prevent the circuit-board from bending .
Cosmetic Appeal In its black and chrome trim, the MCW60 VGA cooler is a perfect match to complement the Apogee CPU cooler, and the MCW30 Chipset cooler.
Lower cost of ownership The injection molded water-block housing results in economies of scale, whereas the individual memory Ramsinks provide significant material savings compared to monolithic solutions. Cost of ownership is thus reduced by up to 50% compared to monolithic solutions, with superior performance where it really counts, and complete freedom in terms of graphics cards upgradability.

Performance and flow data

Click on picture to enlarge

This graph shows a lower pressure drop for the MCW60 which will result in better flow rates and overall system performance.

Click on picture to enlarge

The MCW60 shows an improvement of 0.02 to 0.01 °C/W in the range of typical system flow rates (0.5 to 1.5 GPM). This is a 1 to 2°C improvement at 100 Watts.

Click on picture to enlarge

This chart illustrates the minor (0.1 GPM average flow rate reduction) impact of adding one or even two MCW55 VGA coolers to Swiftech's CPU liquid cooling systems. With its lower pressure drop, the MCW60 will have even less impact.


Compatibility and retention mechanism

The MCW60™ is shipped with three separate retention mechanisms composed of spring loaded screws and back plates providing off-the-shelf compatibility with all ATI® Radeon™ and most nVidia® GeForce™ families of products as follows:

1. Pre-assembled retention mechanism using the four holes surrounding the processor:

    • Most high-end nVidia® GeForce™ series from 6800 and above (incl. latest 7900 series). See compatibility list below.
    • ATI® Radeon™ series from X1800 and above (incl. latest X1900 series) - Please note that Master cards for Crossfire™ Systems feature a compositing chip requiring an extra MC14 heatsink for cooling, not provided with the kit.

2. Retention mechanism for all ATI® Radeon® 7000 to X850, and X1300 to X1600 (*) series using the two alternate mounting holes:

    X1600XT Series Note: Depending on the circuit board maker, some X1600XT are not compatible. See compatiblity list

3. Retention mechanism for nVidia GeForce 8800 series

3. Earlier mid-range GeForce™ series (6600 and below) utilizing two diagonal mounting holes (3.12" spacing as shown below) require the optional MCW60-FX kit.

The MCW60 FX kit provides compatibility with earlier GeForce models

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Will this fit new 8800 gt? (Chris_D- Nov 08, 07, 7 Replies)

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