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Swiftech H20-120 Compact 3/8IN Single 120MM LGA775 AM2 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

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Swiftech H20-120 Compact 3/8IN Single 120MM LGA775 AM2 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit - 1
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Swiftech H20-120 Compact 3/8IN Single 120MM LGA775 AM2 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit - 25710_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: H20-120-COMPACT

SKU: 25710
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

Customer Reviews of Swiftech H20-120-COMPACT

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Experience: 4 Months


keeps everything cool!
no GPU water block. No mobo waterblock.
so i bought this kit to replace my scythe katana cooler. My god. I'm running a q6600i 3.6ghz on this idle 31C load 46C

this kit is AMAZING

it would be even better if they included a gpu and mobo waterblock tho ;)

Experience: 6 Months


Simpler To Install Than Other Water Cooling Devices. Clamps Are Very Tight. Good Cooling For Cpu Only.
Pump IS Fussy If Not Seated Properly.
I Purchased This Water Cooling Set From NCIX After Buying Another Elsewhere That Leaked After It Was Tested For Days. Too Bad It Decided To Take My Motherboard And Cpu WIth It When It Went, So I Bought A New One Here And It Works Perfectly, As A Matter Of Fact It Works So Well I Bought A Swiftech H2o 220 as Well And Got A Silverstone TJ09 Case & Compbined Both Water Cooling Kits In To One. Can't wait for the Q6950 to get here so i can finish my build.

Experience: 1 Days


1) Compact, 2 components as opposed to 4.
2) Tubes are of very good quality and the anti-kink really does work.
1) The cpu waterblock-pump combo is very prone to leaks.
2) The tubes don't easily go through a pci-slot. The pci bracket that came with the radbox (purchased separately) doesn't work all that well.
3) Radiator was a little big to fit under the psu because of the reservoir.
4) Reservoir is hard to reach if mounted under the psu.
All in all, its a good "idea" but a leaky pump right on top of a cpu block can ruin things very easily. I tested the loop outside the case for ~1 hour and everything looked good. Then I tested it inside the case without mounting the rad, again for ~1hr and all was good. Then I mounted the rad and tested, (rad was mounted outside the case using the radbox) and the cpu block started leaking all over the place, even though it hadn't been touched since Test1. Next time, I think I'll just put in the extra effort and buy a real waterblock and pump.

This review was modfied by poster @ 06-17-08 07:09 AM

Experience: 8 Days


Lowers my CPU Temperature to 10 Degrees Difference then a normal Fan...
Loud 120 MM Fan, and also the Radiator is a little too big to fit near my power supply, (like a MM)
Works fine with my A8R MVP MotherBoard Socket 939 AMD
On load up it was 45'C with a Fan, With this liquid cooling 35'C load up.
Hugh Temperature drop playing high graphic games, before it was 50'C, Now 41'C with this new liquid cooling system,
And this is my first time ever using a liquid cool.
And it was easy to set up, took me about half hour to set up,
had no leaks what so ever, even tho this is my first time using this product, would recommend buying again.
looking forward on building another liquid cooling kit from scratch pretty soon.

Experience: 1 Days


Quiet, all in one solution so there is no separate pump or reservoir.
Doesn't much better than my Arctic cooler pro

I managed to get my CPU temps down by adding a second fan in a push/pull configuration on the rad but this defeated the purpose of buying this to reduce noise in my tower.


I bought this to quiet down my system which is overrun with fans (5 case fans, all 120mm and 2 are 38mm). I was disappointed after installing this since it didn't do anything for my CPU temperatures. Idle temps are almost identical to my arctic cooler pro on my 939 FX-60 CPU. Also, my mobo didn't have a backplate and the kit only includes a backplate for Intel CPU's. I had to make up my own mounting solution to get this to work. It is probably a improvement over stock HSF but compared to my cheap AC HSF there was no reason to upgrade. It is quieter and I am going to add a second fan or a better fan to the rad to see if that helps.

This review was modfied by poster @ 12-28-07 05:49 AM

Experience: 5 Days


Unbeleivable perfomance, many configurations possible with added blocks and rads, quiet, easy to setup (for watercooling), intergrated pump/block, 3/8" Neprene tubing a real joy to work with vs 1/2ID by 3/4OD.
Cheap paint on radiator. Still requires bleeding (could be a pro if you add other blocks and Radiatiors), 10mm ID tubing to some.
I have water cooled my computer for the last 2 or so years and this unit was just what I was looking for. Once you get a pump, dual 120 rad, resevior, cpu and gpu block, your case is stuffed. I own the v1000 lian li and I was having problems with fitting my old swiftech 1/2" system with out losing a couple of drive bays or having rather large radiators hagning off the back of the computer. Personally I love having everything self contained, so to a onlooker it looks like a regular old case. Save the window on the side. So that is a magor plus.

I was concerned about perfomance with this kit but I was totaly blew out of the water(so to speak). I had the swiftech Apogee regular block prior to this. My system currenty consists of the Apogee drive, res/rad 120mm, MCW60 swiftech GPU block, zalman ramcoolers, black ice 240 radiator cooling a e6600 and a 8800GTS SSC.

My GPU would barly overclock with stock cooler and ran at 80c+ underload, and the e6600 toped out at 3.2GHz pushing 60C. Now I volt modded the pump to 2200rpm for silent operation. 2x120 antec fans at 5v and two nexus 120's at 12v so this case is like a whisper. But the perfomance was freaken awsome (I am usually quite hard to impress) Current watercooling allowed me to overclock the processor to 3.4Ghz. Only 200MHz more, but that was the barrior where I have to up the voltage substantialy to keep it stable. So generally this was unabtainable before, due to the temps hitting 65C or more under dual prime. Currently the processor wont get over 45C dual prime (20C drop in temps or more) and the GPU never breaks 50C whether I am playing crysis of benching 3dmark06. This is after I overclocked the core to 650MHz.
So a 75Mhz overclock on the GPU with a amazing 30C cooler running temps and a 200Mgz on the CPU with a 20C drop in temps. I might push the cpu to 3.6 or 3.8 24/7 after some tweaking.
So overall I am a very happy clocker with this setup. Granted these are all relative to mys system alone, but I assure you great things from this Apogee drive.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Who ever dreamed that high performance water-cooling would one day become simple? We did.

When we designed the patent pending Apogee™ Drive, we invented a way of combining two of our existing components: the Apogee water-block and the MCP350 pump. But why stop there? It occurred to us that by also combining the radiator and reservoir, we could further simplify the traditional four-component loop into a revolutionary two-component, high performance Liquid Cooling System that would be incredibly easy to install. So we added a reservoir to the existing Quiet Power MCR120 radiator, and Voilà! Now we can proudly say:

"Watercooling has never been this easy!"

Features & benefits

High Cooling Power and Quiet Operations
  • High flow system: high power pump, reduced flow path, low pressure drop, 81 CFM fan (@12 volts).
  • Quiet pump, 12 to 7 volt fan adapter for low noise (26 dBA) operations.
  • Optimized radiator for high heat dissipation @ low noise.
Incredibly simple to install
  • Only two components (8 screws) to install
High Reliability and Low Maintenance
  • 50,000 hours MTBF pump.
  • Low porosity laboratory grade Norprene® tubing.
  • Sleeved tubing with anti-kinking Smartcoils.
  • Up to 5 years without refills.
  • Capable of handling the latest desktop processors from Intel® & AMD® .
  • Ample capacity for additional cooling of graphics cards and chipset.
  • Installs inside of most cases featuring a rear 120mm fan. Please check the radiator dimensions to ensure full compatibility with your particular case.
  • The Optional Universal Radiator Housing MCB-120 "Radbox" expands the kit compatibility for external radiator installation to almost any chassis and can also significantly improve CPU temperature.
Superior Value
  • The reduced number of components translates into superior value compared to anything currently available on the market: the bottom line is that you get more cooling power for less money!

..and did we forget to mention "Incredibly Easy to install"?


Overclocking and system configuration vs. Noise level

Make no mistake! the H20-120 Compact is not just any entry-level weakling barely capable of exceeding good air-cooling performance. In fact, we are presenting below two new tools to evaluate the kit capabilities:

  • the "O/C Meter", a chart summarizing the H20-120 Compact capabilities based on system configuration and intended usage, and
  • the CPU temperature calculator, a utility designed to predict CPU temperature under load depending on voltage and frequency.

Swiftech O/C Meter




Pictures Gallery (click pics. to enlarge)

A typical installation. Can we say "simple" ?
This example shows a CPU & Graphics cooling configuration as well as how to use the "Radbox" for an external radiator installation when there is no means to attach it inside of the chassis.


Add-on components

When you add an element to your loop for graphics or chipset cooling for example, we recommend using our sleeved Norprene tubing.

If your case doesn't feature a rear 120mm fan to attach our radiator, it is still possible to use the kit. Simply procure the MCB-120 "Radbox" Universal radiator mount housing and install the radiator to the back of your case. It might even get you better temps!

You can easily add water-cooling for your graphics card(s), using either the Universal MCW60 VGA Waterblock ...
...or using the STEALTH for nVidia's GeForce 8800 series.
You can also cool the chipset by adding either another water-block such as the Universal MCW30...
...or by going air-cooling with the MCX159-CU.
And if you fancy even more cooling power at low noise, you can also add a second radiator, or upgrade to a dual 120, or even a triple!


Specifications [ Edit | History ]


Individual Component specifications
MCR120-Res Heat Exchanger
Description/Primary features:
120mm Class Radiator including built-in reservoir containing sufficient coolant for up to 5 years without refills (properly sealed system).
Louvered copper fins, brass tubes & body.
Optimized for high performance at low fan speed for low noise operations.
Fittings style:
Built-in 3/8” barbs fittings.
Dimensions (click on picture to enlarge):
RDM1225S Fan
Description/Primary features:
120mm class fan, with RPM sensor.
Low noise sleeve bearing.
2,000 RPM
Static Pressure:
2.7 mmH20
81.3 CFM
Audible Noise
36 dB/A @ 12 VDC, 26 dB/A @ 7 VDC
Apogee Drive 350 Self-Powered Waterblock
Electronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motor.
Nominal Voltage:
12 VDC
Nominal current:
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures
50,000 Hours
Nominal Head:
10 ft.
Nominal Discharge:
300 LPH
Thermal Design:
Diamond Pin Matrix copper base plate.
Fittings Style:
Built-in 3/8” barbs fittings.
Processor Compatibility:
Factory configured for Intel® socket 775 compatible processors (all CPU models).
AMD® hardware included for sockets 754, 939, 940, F, and AM2 (requires assembly).
Weight: 10.1 oz
  • Tubing
Description/Primary features:
Laboratory grade 3/8” Norprene® tubing wrapped with anti-kink Smartcoils™.
Description/Primary features:
2 oz bottle of Hydrx™ concentrated anti-fungal, anti-corrosion coolant, requires mixing with 1/2 liter of distilled water (water not provided).

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Comment: 3dGameman Kickass product.
Posted by: EyEBallEater @02/19/08
URL: http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=Njc5
Comment: After spending time with the Swiftech H20-120 kit I can honestly say this is one of the best kits I have had the pleasure of working with, for several reasons
Posted by: EyEBallEater @02/16/08
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