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Pcusa Vista Remote Control with IR Receiver Silver

Pcusa Vista Remote Control with IR Receiver Silver - 1
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I-Rocks Technology
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Part #: HA-IR-01SV

SKU: 25972
Shipping Weight: 0.6 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
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Experience: 1 Weeks


Works out of the box with XBMC
None yet
I got this because my old snapstream firefly remote wasn't fully compatible with Windows 7. This product worked for me right away on my HTPC and I am using it with XBMC.

Experience: 1 Days


+ Works out of the box with XBMC and Windows Media Centre.
+ Fully supported by Harmony.
+ Has most of the buttons you will want.
- Takes a small bit of customization to get most out of Harmony Remote and XBMC.
- Missing a few commands I would have liked for XBMC (Tab, '' and 'S').
- Power button seems to hang pc on black screen.
XBMC (version 10.1 windows) + Harmony Remote (Model 880) Combo

I bought this remote with the intention of just using the IR Receiver and programming my Harmony Remote to use that. I wanted to use the remote to control a windows install of XBMC. This review is meant for others planning to do the same.

Right out of the box, the remote does 90% of what you will want. Most of the buttons control XBMC as expected (including play, pause, arrows, info, guide, etc).

What doesn't work are the more advanced buttons like My Videos, My Pictures, Windows (the big green button in the centre), and so on. If you press any of those buttons it will open Windows Media Centre. Luckily, there is a standard XBMC addon that fixes all that called MCERemote. You can download it from the standard Add-ons->Programs section within XBMC.

Once configured (which is fully automated and done in XBMC) everything is pretty much spot on. The only additional change I made was to make my XBMC shortcut open with "ctrl+shift+w", which is what is sent when you press the big green windows button.

If you don't plan on using a Harmony Remote, at this point you are done, and things should work great!

Getting the Harmony Remote working was a little more work. You will find that it doesn't have this specific remote in their database under the name PCUSA. Instead you will find it under the manufacturer AnyWare, serial number HA-IR01SV (same as on the back of your remote). You add the device as a Home Theater PC.

The default settings are pretty good, but I spent some time fixing up the keys once I added the new Activity. It has some really bad defaults for the Exit, Menu, and Previous buttons so make sure to check what it has set there.

All in all I probably spent 3-4 hours on this, and so far I am very satisfied!

Experience: 3 Weeks


Good price.
Good quality.
I bought this remote controller for my HTPC system. I'm using XBMC and it was easy to configure the remote for it.

Great value, my experience is really better with this remote!

Experience: 10 Days


works with Boxee/Ubuntu
I bought this remote to replace a wireless keyboard I was using to control my Ubuntu 10.04 box that is hooked up to my television.

I primarily use Boxee and once I had installed lirc this remote worked out of the box.

Experience: 45 Days


- Inexpensive
- Simple button layout
- Responsive
- Easy to setup
- Power button turns on/off my Xbox (somehow?)
I purchased this to use with Windows Media Centre and my TV tuner card. As soon as I plugged it in, Windows 7 detected it and I was flipping through channels. It even works for iTunes and some other applications.

Experience: 7 Days


-Easy to use
-Works Right out of the box
-None yet
Bought this to use with XBMC running on top of Win 7. No issues yet, works like a charm. For the price you get a good running remote with no real downsides.

Experience: 7 Days


Receiver’s compatibility and reception. Soft rubber buttons. Ergonomic shape.
None so far
I needed a remote for an Ubuntu 9.10 / XBMC htpc. The installation was problem free. Everything works as expected. The receiver’s reception is very good – no need to point the remote at the receiver. Now I am finally able to suspend (S3) and wake-up the htpc with “a press of a button”

Some of the buttons on the remote are really tiny but this is fine because I bought this remote for the USB receiver. Still, I have been using the remote without any problems and will continue do so until I buy that ultimate universal remote I need next

This review was modfied by poster @ 03-16-10 04:23 PM

Experience: 3 Months


Easy of use
Couldn't find any
Just pluged in the IR module to the USB port and it downloaded drive. I was using it in a minute. Have had it for 3 monthes and just love it.

Experience: 15 Days


- good pricepoint
- VERY easy to set up
- good button layout
- nice 'feel' to the remote control and buttons
- backlight keys would be nice
For this price, you can't go wrong (especially when this is on sale). I got this for windows 7 media center and it works brilliantly. It only took less than a minute to setup including taking the sucker out of the box. Just plug it into a free usb slot and it'll install drivers automatically and you're good to go. The button layout is very organized and it doesn't have too much or too little buttons and every button has a purpose. I'm going into nitty gritty details but the remote control feels solid and the rubber keys feels very nice on the fingers and I like the media center plastic button. Overall, excellent product.

Roger D ©
Experience: 2 Days


Easy Setup...just plug it in USB. Can learn some functions. Price on sale! Makes a PC suddenly a dish washer!
Wireless range and sight really good.
It doesn't clean the toilet. If it did that this would have THE BEST remote...but because of that I'll forgive it.
Plugging the remote into a Windows 7 PC was painless, it took a matter of 10 seconds to detect and I was flipping through Media Center.
The remote also puts your PC to sleep and wakes up the PC with the power button...very nice...I no longer have to touch my tower...ever!
Going to snag a few more of these for 7 builds and as gifts!

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


  • Certified for Windows Vista™
  • Dimension: 199 x 62 x 32mm
  • Up to 52 keys
  • Battery: AAA alkaline x 2pcs
  • Text or Icon style, Teletext buttons or no-Teletext buttons
  • Support multi-languages as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Arrange in pairs with IR transceiver, IR receiver, or RF receiver

    RC6 IR protocol

  • Transmission range: 10 meters or above
  • Compatibles with Microsoft recommended RC6 IR protocol
  • (option) backlight LED
  • (option) IR remote control learning functionality

Also includes:
type MCE IR Receiver for Windows Vista™:

  • Requires a Windows® Media Center Technologies running in Windows Vista™ Home Premium and Windows Vista™ Ultimate PC
  • Dimension: 54 x 35 x 16mm
  • Resume from Standby (S1, S3)
  • Microsoft HID class compliant
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • Internal PCBA or external receiver available


  • Power your Media Center PC and/or TV with our remote control.
  • Familiar Controls
  • Receiver for: Windows Vista Home Premium & Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Includes: Remote control, AAA Batteries, USB connect Receiver

All-access digital entertainment as close as you MCE remote control

    Use the MCE remote control to enjoy more types of entertainment offered by your Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate PC. Teh MCE Remote Control and Receiver uses the on-screen interface to off you TV and TV/Video Recording, Personal Video, Movies, Music, Photos, and Radio*.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]


Efficiently access your digital entertainment with our MCE remote control.

  • A single remote control gives you the freedom to access your entertainment from anywhere in the room.
  • Tech friendly Media Center on-screen menus are specially designed for remote control interaction delivering a fun, engaging, and integrated digital media experience.
  • Familiar Controls
  • Power your Media Center PC and/or TV with our remote control.
  • Record selected Television programs.
  • Play selected media.
  • Replay Jumps recorded TV back few seconds, or jumps back on music track or one DVD chapter.
  • Pause audio, video, a slide show, or live or recorded TV*.
  • Start and launches the Media Center start menu.
  • Videos accesses your video collection.
  • Music accesses your music collection.
  • Pictures access your photo collection.
  • Guide opens TV Program Guide to display available channels and programs.
  • Live TV launches full screen live TV*.

*TV tuner card with FM radio capability required for live TV and radio functionality

Package Content:

  • Remote control
  • AAA Batteries
  • USB connect Receiver

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Comment: Works perfectly on Vista.
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Comment: How to use vista remote control; good site to take a look.
Posted by: fuman_hsieh @11/14/07
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