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NCIX Water Cooling Essentials 240 CPU Water Cooling Kit

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NCIX Water Cooling Essentials 240 CPU Water Cooling Kit - 1
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Part #: ESSENTIALS 240 H20 KIT

SKU: 26522
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Customer Reviews of NCIX ESSENTIALS 240 H20 KIT

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Experience: 6 Months


lower temps high overclocking!
Well i wanted to overclocked my quad.. and i know it will get hot.. so i looked at water cooling. I didnt know much about water cooling, but i did do my research what does what. I end up getting this kit to be my first water cooling, and yes it was very easy to set up no leak nothing at all. It brang my temps down and my speed higher!

Experience: 3 Months


well put together, quality parts,
would be nice to have at least one chipset block included, but not a big deal.
I've come to enjoy computers and computer modding as a hobby. And I got to a point where I was interested in watercooling. I wasn't sure where to start, and I saw this kit at a decent price that included most of what I needed. Glad I purchased as it does a great job of cooling my Q6600 on my EVGA 680i motherboard. cheers

Experience: 7 Days


Well selected components for price point
may need a few more small components.
This is a very well thought out kit. The block does come with a small tube of AS Ceramique in the pack, I do suggest grabbing some MX-2 if ya want that extra bit of Performance. I also tossed on some Scythe Ultra Kaze 3K 133.3 cfm fans, had to rig up some way of attaching them to the rad though. I also suggest some DD MCT -40 coolant, the best performing and complete coolant out there. Overall highly recommended kit

Experience: 1 Weeks


All in one package
Excellent performace
Very quiet
Doesn't come with the spring-type wrap to stop the kinks in the tubes
No fan grills either
In all, an excellent kit. This is my first time using a kit that uses greater than 1/4inch ID tubes, and it's great for my needs.

Took an hour or so to install - initially I didn't clean the old thermal grease off the processor because i didn't have any rubbing alcohol, but i still managed to get temps of 37 degrees under full load. Now after cleaning everything and applying ceramique, it's running at about 34. Considering my room is at around 20-21 degrees right now it's pretty good for a 200 dollar kit. And it's WAAAAAY quieter than the stock amd hsf that came with my processor.

You need to buy a few things extra as well however - some fan grills, water additive (at least a biocide, if not a lubricant too - I used HydreX as it does both and is UV reactive also). I bought the spring-wrap that goes around the outside of the tubing to stop kinks as well.

(A new psu is next ..... lol)

This review was modfied by poster @ 01-16-08 11:46 PM

Experience: 3 Days


Quiet, Effective and sweet to look at
Installing the hose on the pump barbs
I installed this system with a fill port on the bottom with a T fitting to make life good when it comes time to change the fluid. Other then the really tight fit on the pump (which is a good thing in the long run I know) it was fun and easy to install and so far my processor runs at 5 degrees C above ambient and 7 degrees under full load and this is with the fans on minimum. It is water cooling for me from now on.

Experience: 1 Days


droped my cpu temps from 40idle and 74load down to 21 idle and 40load
the rad i recieved was cracked where the barbs connect. i fixed this with a bit of sealent and you can tell, it looks good as new.
this review is for the older revision of this kit. it droped my temps at load by almost 35 degrese vs the stock cooling on an amd x2 3600 at 3.0ghz would have given 5 stars had i not gotten a cracked rad

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Our new pre-configured water cooling bundles are meant to provide new water cooling users with a reliable system water cooling solution that uses only standard parts with no proprietary connectors or components.

In configuring these kits, our primary focus is quiet, reliable operation with the best performance possible. Running at full-throttle, the Essentials 240 is no louder than 2 standard case fans, and can even be undervolted for near-silent operation.


Here's a brief run-down of what's included in the Water Cooling Essentials 240 kit:

Swiftech APOGEE GT CPU Block: The mainstream performance model in Swiftech acclaimed "APOGEE" series of CPU blocks. This CPU block is all copper and will not cause any corrosion in your loop.

Swiftech dual 120mm Quiet Power Radiator: The radiator dissipates the heat captured by the water into the air. By eliminating small, noisy fans, and using only 120mm fans on radiators, your system can run much quieter.

Swiftech MCP655-B Water Cooling Pump: This is responsible for cycling the water through your CPU block and radiator. The MCP655-B features fantastic reliability, great head pressure and high flow rates.

Yate Loon Sleeve Bearing 120mm fans: With excellent static pressure and quiet operation, Yate Loon fans are the number one choice of water cooling enthusiasts.

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO: A reservoir simplifies bleeding and adds aesthetic appeal to your water cooling loop. The Swiftech MCRES-MICRO is a small, clear, and keeping with the high flow/high performance theme of this kit, offers excellent flow rates.Masterkleer 7/16" Tubing (10ft): This provides a better seal and easier cable routing than traditional 1/2" tubing with only a negligible loss of flow rate.

Magicool UV Green Zip Ties: Using inexpensive zip ties to secure tubing is an aesthetically appealing and effective way to ensure that no water leaks. Pull tight one zip tie on each barb.

Recommended Upgrades

Swiftech MCB-120 "Radbox": The Radbox is a convenient way to externally mount your radiator anywhere a 120mm fan would mount (assuming enough clearance - please see the product description for the included radiator for dimensions)

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO water cooling reservoir: This small, easy to mount reservoir simplifies filling the water cooling system and bleeding the air bubbles out of the water cooling system. It can be used instead of a T-line

Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Water Block: The MCW30 is an easy way to add chipset cooling to your water cooled system. Please check compatibility with your motherboard before ordering this item

D-TEK Customs FuZion GFX: The FuZion GFX will use your water cooling system to cool the GPU on your graphics card. It is recommended when adding this upgrade that you also add Zalman ZM-RHS1 VGA RAMsinks

Zalman ZM-RHS1 VGA RAM sink 8 pack: When you cool the GPU with water, you may also need additional cooling for your video card memory. This kit includes enough RAMsinks for X1950/7900 series video cards and below. It may be necessary to purchase an additional kit, or fabricate a couple extra heatsinks for an HD2900/8800 series video card.

Swiftech HydrX & Fluid XP+: Due to the all-copper design of our water cooling systems, additives are not necessary, but some additives have additional advantages. HydrX lubricates your pump and gives your water a UV green glow effect under a black light. Fluid XP+ is a non-conductive formula that will not short out your components even if it is spilled.


*Special Note Regarding nvidia 8800 series video cards and ATi HD2900 series video cards*

There are components on these video cards that need to be cooled *besides* the GPU and video RAM. It may be necessary to buy additional MC21 or MC14 heatsinks to cool these other components.

There are also water blocks available that have that advantage of cooling all components on the video card. They are called full coverage blocks. The disadvantage of these blocks is that they tend to be only compatible with a single model or series of video card, and they tend to be a little bit more expensive.

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