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Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366

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Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366 - 1
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Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366 - 27327_l.jpg Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366 - 27327_1.jpg Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366 - 27327_2.jpg Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control Center AM3/LGA1366 - 27327_3.jpg Customer Photos (0)
CoolIT Systems
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Part #: FZE1C/FZ-1003

SKU: 27327
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

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Customer Reviews of CoolIT Systems FZE1C/FZ-1003

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Experience: 5 Months


awesome cooling
great potential
keeps my cpu chilly
pump sort of sucks
i got this a while back for about 320 bucks, can't remember how, but anyways... it was a great deal, and now i'm working on incorperating it into a home-brew loop. th epump really sucks as far as flow is concerned, but thats ok because the factory loop is so small so it doesn't really matter. i'm replacing the pump, the tubing, and most importanntly, the water block. add a gpu block to that with a tfc xchanger 240 rad and you're talking some serious cooling. right now, it keeps my i7 920 (4ghz b 1.2500v) under 40c in coretemp at all times with reasonable quietness. once i replace all the part i want, the whole setup will be ten times as awesome. anyway, if you want to do some average overclocking, it is an awesome choice, as long as you can afford it.

Experience: 1 Years


Very quiet if you are running your cpu at stock or slightly overclocked speeds. Some say when running at full its very loud, but i have found that even with my cpu overclocked by 1ghz it only runs at %70 of max and its no more loud than my 120mm low rpm case fans. Keeps my CPU at a nice 22c idle and 36c tops under full load.
Well price is its biggest weakness, installation can be painful if you don't have a large case, also i would recommend you get a professional to install it if you haven't worked in or put together your own PC.
You cannot get a better cpu cooler for this price, regular radiator cooling systems cannot touch this radiator/TEC cooling hybrid. Only those very expensive compressed gas systems will get you lower temps than this, but who needs their cpu at -15c? lol I use this to cool my cpu and have a koolance 1000w external system to cool my northbridge/southbridge and 2 video cards....

This review was modfied by poster @ 06-15-09 03:55 AM

Experience: 2 Weeks


- Very quiet
- Closed Loop system means you need nothing extra to be up and running
- Does what it claims: Keeps your CPU Cool and does it well.
- Weak instructions (though it does say to be installed by a professional, they sell it to the consumer market)
- Does not fit properly and requires extra effort or modification to install
Recently bought this cooling unit and installed it on my new system which included the following components:

Cooler - Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler with ESA Ready MTEC Control
Motherboard - ASUS P6T X58 Deluxe ATX LGA1366
CPU - Intel Core i7 940 Quad Core Processor
Chassis - Silverstone Temjin TJ10B-W Black E-ATX Aluminum Case

After I made sure the system was stable using the Intel stock cooler, I then installed the Coolit Systems Freezone Elite MTEC CPU Liquid Cooler. I was very doubtful that it would fit at first and in fact it didn't. It is about 2mm too big to use with the Silverstone TJ10B chassis. I believe the fit is out of spec because of the "pretty" panel they added to the cooler to hide the pump, fan, wires and fluid pipes.

However, the solution was to loosen the fasteners (screws) in the back of the chassis, re-install the cooler and motherboard with the thermal pump on the i7 CPU, then re-tightened the chassis screws again and it fit. There is a slight bowing in the back rail that is barely noticable unless you look really hard with the chassis panel off and the end result is that it affects performance not at all. The 120mm fan that was removed from the back of the chassis, I moved to one of the two top locations available with this TJ10B Case to help with motherboard cooling.

Keep in mind the following things:
- The cooler requires a full dedicated USB Connector on your motherboard that you can not use for something else. The connector plug only fills only one side of the double row USB connector receptacle (these are not your standard USB plugs, they are the keyed dual row 9pin connectors on your mother board that power the extra USB connectors on the front and back of your computer. The Asus P6T deluxe has 3 internal USB connectors. The 1st used for the backpanel slot, the 2nd connects to the chassis front USB channel, and the 3rd can be used for the MTEC Control Center that monitors and configures the cooler.)
- The Mother Board requires the CPU fan to be disabled in the BIOS or comuter won't boot properly, or at least boot without errors.

My one mistake in the installation was to route the cables out the bottom of the Cooler which makes the cables routing look visible, extremely unprofessional and puts the cables in the main airflow of the chassis. Unfortunately, the fit is so tight, so I had to unintall the cooler (imagine loosening all the chassis screws again) just to re-route the cable assembly out the top of the cooler, over the top of the motherboard and down the front of the chassis. The cables are very long so this is a good option and my recommendation for installation.

I am now very pleased with product after what turned out to be a horrendous 2-3hr installation. Software is easy to use and monitors the Cooling system with an icon in the system tray.

This review was modfied by poster @ 04-16-09 10:20 AM

Experience: 1 Weeks


Easy installation, good temps
Noisy at times (even louder than my previous Zalman air cooler).
This chiller unit was extremely easy to install and does a very good job at keeping temps down. A downside is that my motherboard (Asus Commando) has heatsinks positioned to take advantage of an air cooler and thus the motherboard is running a little warm but there is still enough circulation that it isn't too bad.

A warning: don't buy this if you are looking to make your computer quieter overall. This thing makes as much noise as my Zalman air cooler did when it's running full bore.

Experience: 30 Days


Very nice temp response, especially under moderate load.
I brought my temps on an oc'd qx6800 down significantly using this cooler. Went from 3.2 GHz at 55 idle, 70 load to 3.6GHz at 24 idle, 60 load. Temps when gaming / video converting are in the 35 - 40 range.
I was hoping this would help yield a higher stable overclock, but was unwilling to volt higher than 1.42
Overall I'm very satisfied with the cooler. I'd consider buying it for my second machine, if the price were lower.

Torri K
Experience: 3 Weeks


excellent cooling
cost, power drain
This is an excellent alternative to water cooling and is a product for someone who is into doing massive overclocking to the processor. I have a QX9770 oc'ed to 4.8ghz and at full load on the CPU with max settings on the cooler, the CPU runs at 25 degrees but leaving the cooler at max settings when the CPU is at idle, frost builds up on the CPU and motherboard. I highly recommend this cooler to people who overclock and people who don't want their CPU to be a room heater.

Experience: 30 Days


Keeps the cpu cool. Quite if you dont need extreme cooling can control from with in OS.
Price! Loud when maxed out.
I bought this to cool my Xeon 3110 and it does a way better job than the stock cooler (we'd better hope so for that price!). I can now leave my CPU clocked t 4Ghz 24/7 without worrying about it over heating. I also like how you can plug your system fans into the Mtec control center and control them through the software too.

Experience: 90 Days


Quiet, Reasonably Priced, Closed Circuit System
Not too customizable.
I have had a Freezone unit now for a while. Though it isn't the "elite" version, I do want to point out that I have been extremely happy with my Freezone cooler.

With the new elites they come with 120mm fan standard to move all the hot air out of the radiator. Using a high cfm fan will improve performance further for those who would like to know.

So far, I have been using my freezone on an e8400 chip clocked at 3.96ghz 1.39v, with a realtemp of 25/30 idle. Load tops out h 55.. h almost 4 ghz
?! And this with a Freezone..
The elites perform even better than this as they are able to dissipate even higher wattages.

I have supported this company and will continue to do so in the future. They have a fantastic product and I highly recommend it.

This review was modfied by poster @ 04-24-08 10:37 PM

j money
Experience: 2 Days


water cooling destroys air cooling in every aspect
price is a little high but if you want quality parts you have to pay for them
water cooling especially high end water cooling is much more effective than air cooling at keeping you cpu cool. Water cooling is silent, and to get somewhat good results with air cooling your computer sounds like a helicopter which is so annoying. Water cooling also looks really cool and allows you to overclock more than air cooling and it really isnt that much more expensive than air cooling because to get good air cooling you have to spend over 100, that price includes good heatsink.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Freezone Elite CPU Cooler
Remove the heat to raise the speed limit.

Freezone Elite is a CoolIT Systems Inc. patented product that removes heat from individual components and transfers the heat outside the computer case.It combines facets of air-cooling and liquid chilling through purpose-designed internally installed components. It can aggressively remove heat from a computer quietly, efficiently, and reliably. This system alleviates any risk of condensation, is highly effective, and is easy to install.

To provide concentrated cooling of a small surface area, Freezone uses environmentally friendly liquid coolant as the primary dissipating medium, which absorbs heat much more efficiently than air. The patented system configuration includes multiple TECs (thermoelectric coolers) that provide unique liquid chilling for superior thermal performance.

In addition to keeping the CPU cool, Freezone actually provides cooling for other vital components while improving system level acoustics. By removing heat from the source and transferring it outside of the chassis, internal PC temperatures are held low. This removes the need for multiple case fans, which eliminates unwanted noise and improves the reliability of other peripheral hardware such as the hard drive.

The Freezone Elite CPU Cooler includes: a Chiller / Pump Module, the MTEC™ Control Center, and a CPU Fluid Heat Exchanger (FHE). This universal sealed closed-loop maintenance free system is pre-plumbed and charged for simple bolt-in installation.

The Freezone Elite is designed with todays Quad Core Processors in mind and has a thermal dissipation potential of around 250W.

Retail versions of the Freezone Elite will be plumbed for a single CPU. 


Specifications [ Edit | History ]

CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger)
Design: Monolithic copper, multi-cell
Dimensions: 43 x 42 x 16.5 mm
Weight: 175g  

TCM (Thermal Control Module)
See TCM and MTEC Datasheets for full detailsTCM Options

Basic TCM
Control module that offers basic control functionality.

MTEC Control Center Module
Full featured system status monitor and control module.

Please see MTEC Control Center Data Sheet.

Chiller and Pump Module  


Design: Dual dissipation plate, anodized alloy
Dimensions: 121 x 92 x 65 mm
Weight: 800g
 TECs (6)
Power usage: Max total 72 Watts
Design: Six solid-state heat pump wafers
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 3.5 mm (each)
Weight: 20g (each)

Chiller FHE’s (2)

Design: Dual anodized alloy distribution, multi-channel
Dimensions: 121 x 41 x 12 mm (each)
Weight: 80g (each)
Power usage: Max 8 Watts
Airflow: 120 CFM
Noise: Max 40 dBA
Bearing Type: Dual ball
Life Cycle: 50,000 hrs
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 38mm
Features: 3rd Wire Tachometer


Power usage: 8W +/- 0.5W
Design: 12VDC coreless outrunner pump with integrated expansion vessel
Noise: <15dBALife Cycle: 50,000 hrs
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 75 mm
Flow: 3.5 L/minWeight: 205g  


Single/Dual CPU Cooling Solution
Dual GPU Cooling Solution

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Comment: Well we don’t know about you but the numbers that the CoolIT Elite posted are jaw droppingly impressive. Sub ambient temperatures under full load at stock speeds? That is simply impossible to do with water cooling no matter which way you cut it. Even better was the fact that the unit was not that no
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Comment: Freezone Elite: Editors Choice
Posted by: mark_m @04/04/08
URL: http://techgage.com/article/coolit_freezone_elite_cpu_cooler/1
Comment: "Anyone looking for a very efficient and simple to use cooler should take a long hard look at the Elite. I certainly recommend it and I am looking forward to some long term testing with it in my own system." - Techgage
Posted by: mark_m @01/25/08
URL: http://www.nordichardware.com/Reviews/?skrivelse=520
Comment: Freezone Elite by Coolit Systems gets an Editor's Choice award from the guys at Nordic Hardware ...
Posted by: 1ceMan(); @12/22/07
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