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D-TEK Customs Fuzion V2 CPU Water Block S478/LGA775/S939/AM2/S754 1/2IN Barbs

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D-TEK Customs Fuzion V2 CPU Water Block S478/LGA775/S939/AM2/S754 1/2IN Barbs - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
D-TEK Customs Fuzion V2 CPU Water Block S478/LGA775/S939/AM2/S754 1/2IN Barbs - 29897_l.jpg D-TEK Customs Fuzion V2 CPU Water Block S478/LGA775/S939/AM2/S754 1/2IN Barbs - 29897_1.jpg Customer Photos (0)
D-Tek Customs
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Part #: FZ-CPU

SKU: 29897
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

Customer Reviews of D-Tek Customs FZ-CPU

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iJew~Praise the Lord(AKA Steve Jobs)~
Experience: 1 Months


-minimalist design
-easy install
-no 1366 compatibility yet
My second CPU block and I like it. Its very minimalist which I think is nice considering todays motherboards are covered in tacky heatsinks to et in the way. Easy to install and great quality.

Experience: 60 Days


-Excellent temperatures.
-Quick to install.
-Looks good inside a case.
-Barb placement.
-CPU Contact finish could have been better.
Well this is my first waterblock for jumping into liquid cooling and man I'm for the most part very happy with it. The quad core nozzle from all reviews seems to be useless and I already get excellent temperatures with this so I can't complain.

The few caveats are that you can't use any compression fittings on the block, which would have been really nice to do. Using 3/4" OD tubing you're basically stuck with no clamp or zip ties, but they're so tight together when on I don't think it's possible to spring a leak.

The surface of the cpu plate could have been a bit better on mine as well, there were a couple of small nicks and scuffs that I just took off with some really high grit sandpaper though.

Experience: 10 Days


great quality
awesome looks
improved design
i decided to upgrade from the fusion v1 with a quad nozzle kit , glad i did ! i bought the quad nozzle kit for this block also but decided not to use it . My temps dropped on idle 2 c my load temps dropped by 4 c . My q9650 (stock speeds) is idling at 32-35 load temps don't go over 44-45c

well worth it !!

Experience: 3 Days


Design, engineering. Quality of build!
Mounting hardware. Got it for a killer price.
Nice flat base would also be good for TEC cooling!
Uhh, the D-Tek sticker on the delrin top is a little "out of alignment". It's crooked.

Restriction is almost 4x times that of the V1.
The V1 is one of the most, "least" restrictive blocks ever!
The V2 pays off in spades with a performance gain. Not really a hit if you have a nice pump!
The D-Tek V2 is the Premier Block for performance and mount versatility! I don't think a nozzle kit is worth it for this block. The V2 (stock) strikes an almost perfect balance of flow and performance. Extra Nozzles,(restriction) just slow it down.

There has been talk of the Hex screws being a little weak.
Well, mine came with Phillips screws. They might be Stainless or nickel plated, not sure; a "Jewelers" #1 is the perfect fit.

I bet Linus is swapping out the screws on each block!

Experience: 2 Months


One of the best blocks, free-flowing and excellent thermal dissipation
None (it's a improved Fuzion CPU v1 version after all).
I owned a Fuzion CPU v1 so I'm already happy with the performance. After hearing lots of praise about the v2 so I bought it to replace the v1 (it will go on my 2nd watercooled box). The design is much better with only a single joint between the top and the base compared to 2 with the v1 (this mean that there is one less failure point for leakage). The overall construction is very well done and well thought.

It also fixed a issue with the mid-chamber leakage so it's slighty more restrictive but performing a bit better than the v1. It also include the Pro mount by default while the v1 doesn't include it (you must buy it separately).

Experience: 1 Months


performance, looks
looks again, (debatable haha)
Other people might say this is not exactly a good looking block but I have to disagree. It's performance (until the GTZ was released) was pretty much unparalleled and would certainly end up being a safe choice for anybody who decided to go the water cooling route....Great block overall!

Experience: 2 Weeks


very little flow restriction
sexy looking
am2 installation could be a bit more user friendly
Amazing block , performance is top of the wc arena, looks real sexy, and for intel installations its a breeze. Comes with d-teks great barbs in choices of sizes, always a plus.

Minor downsides: am2 installation could be more user friendly but was more then tolerable, having to remove the mobo always sucks though...

(side note if ncix ever got these in i would have prefered to buy it here then a us company....)

Experience: 2 Weeks


Looks great, performs great, not too high restriction
Cannot mount 1/2ID 3/4OD compression fittings
I'm extremely happy with this block. Mounting was a breeze and its on there very tight. Getting great temperature with it and its not killing my flow as much as some other ones (or the V1 version)

They however need to release a version that allows for compression fittings, Even with just zip ties, you can't put two on there side by side, you have to offset them.

Experience: 2 Weeks


Excellent quality
easy to install
What can I say, this is one of the best CPU blocks out there. Temperatures are beautiful. Some people complain about how this block looks, but I have no problems with it. Would recommend to anybody putting together a WC kit.

Experience: 76 Days


Quality product, easy install
none that I can complain about
This wCPU water block was a brezze to install, the 1/2 fittings were easily replaced with 3/8 inch Barbs I wanted for my setup. The water block back plate has a sticky tape to hold it in place so later on you can remove the water block withing having to worry about the back plate falling off. It works great and my CPU temps are nice and low. z 40 C.

Last the water block is large enough that it does the job it been designed for and not easily blocked up with crap in the cooling fluid, yet small enough to keep a relatively low profile inside the case

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

The new D-Tek FuZion™ v2 CPU block will again set the benchmark for enthusiasts' expectations about water block performance, design, appearance, and high quality manufacturing as seen with the previous generation FuZion block.

Unique to the FuZion™ line is the patent pending 4 to 1 flow chamber design that provides outstanding flowrates while the unique baseplate design delivers thermal control more efficiently than any restriction or impingement based blocks currently on the market.

The FuZion™ v2 design is optimized for the current high wattage multiple core processors now on the market today. No other waterblock on the market is as efficeint and flexible as this performance leading block when it comes to multiple block loops or when only the best performance is demanded. 

The FuZion™ v2 block's G-1/4" hose barb threading offers compatibility with a wide variety of cooling kits currently on the market as well as direct European compatibility.


  • Full Copper 110 baseplate featuring over 340 dense Rounded Nano Pins and 1.4 sq." pin spread optimized for large die Dual and Quad core processors.
  • Airfoils are used to optimally direct water flow throughout the block.
  • Anti-oxidant treated precision machine lapped copper baseplate.
  • Sleek styled Black Delrin Top has embedded brass threaded inserts for durability and lightweight construction.
  • Black Delrin Mid Chamber is pressure balanced and internally optimized for rapid water transfer and perfect for multiple block loops.
  • Pre-Installed Chrome Plated 1/2" or 3/8" Hi-Flow Hose barbs included.
  • Includes all hardware and Chrome Plated S/S 304 Intel®775 Pro Mounting Plate with backplate and Intel/AMD universal mounting plate that are compatible with most modern motherboards featuring mounting holes around the socket area. 
  • Optional Nozzle Kit provides even more performance and precise tuning for the ultimate flexability. 
  • Optional Quad Core block insert is the most advanced Quad Core optimized cooling available.
  • Optional Quick Mount allows Intel®Socket 775 mounting without motherboard removal.
  • 100% leak tested prior to distribution.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

The D-TEK FuZion™ v2 comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and brackets for the following CPU sockets
AMD Processors:
  • AMD AM2 via 4-holes through the motherboard.
  • Socket 754/939/940 (all AMD Athlon™ 64 series) via the 2-holes screwing into the socket back-plate method.
  • Socket 462 (AMD Socket A) via the 4-holes through the motherboard method.
    Important Note: AMD 462 Socket lug mounting is not supported.

Intel® Processors:

  • Socket 478 (Intel® Northwood P4/EE) via the 4-holes through the motherboard by removing the black plastic heatsink retention frame.
  • Socket 775 (Intel® Socket T Prescott-style LGA) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.
  • Socket 423 (Intel® Willamette P4) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.
  • Socket 771/603/604 (Intel® Xeon™ all versions) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.


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