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Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server

Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server - 1
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Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server - 37196_l.jpg Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server - 37196_1.jpg Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server - 37196_2.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: PG.T170W.007

SKU: 37196
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Acer PG.T170W.007

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Experience: 2 Months


Look very great on my desk! Small, silent, powerfull (enought for backup and file server). Good build quality and hhd management is so easy !!!
Very good product !!!! I just add a vga wire from some instruction found on the web and I have a monitor to access the server.

Experience: 8 Months


Swappable trays, price
Default OS installation did not work; installation CD prone to failure ("Server not found", "NetworkError"); Hot temperature (>50C) with default cooling, with 3 failures in 8 months; Acer tech support was undertrained and/or unable to provide repair;
I had to reinstall the OS the very first time since it would not boot up. Tip for installation: wait 5 minutes for the network LED to go on before trying to find the server (totally undocumented). The cooling design clearly calls for improvement and may have caused drives to fail. One particular slot was associated with two physical drive failures and one crash leading to non-bootability. Acer tech support tried to be polite and reassuring, but proceeded to put me on hold after 40 minutes and then hung up on me. Calling back meant having to re-communicate a 22-digit alphanumeric serial number and re-explain the situation (I can relate to the Mar'10 review). Acer asked me to send my system to a local repair shop that also handles service for other brands. While the issue pertained to a harddrive slot (ie. backplane or SATA port), they performed no service besides swapping a harddrive which had no indication of failure, and sent the system back intact. Unless you really need this unit, my suggestion is to go with other brands or a DIY build, if only to avoid Acer tech support.

Experience: 7 Days


easy to setup, extremely good build quality for the price
limitations of WHS, instruction manuals included are very brief
This thing has sleeved cables. I don't think I need to say anymore than that. The attention to detail to just that is enough to warrant my purchase. Not to mention it was fairly easy to setup and the price was pretty good. Not to mention the build quality is stellar for the price point.

Experience: 9 Months


Price, build quality, preconfigured - good OOTBE [out of the box experience]
Service is an unknown at this time, but not much online from Acer. Luckily there are good WHS specific sites.
Have installed 2 units in clients sites - as a background have worked in mult-user, server based environments for over 20 years, so following review based on more than just minor experience.

Need in one situation was for a cost effective server running MS SQL Express. The conventional alternatives were extremely costly, given that MSSQL Express is free from MS. Thought the cost for the Acer was worth experimenting and found lots of online discussions around the installation procedure. Application runs as a web service and after 3 months is running smoothly. For a small office - <10 users - this is a very cost effective solution - with additional feature of workstation backups a true bonus.

Anyone wishing to get the most out of a small LAN should learn how to run headless [no keyboard, mouse, monitor] with remote console or better yet, remote desktop. Plus it allows you to place the unit in a physically secured location on our LAN - just in case you're as paranoid as me.

Definitely recommend removing the supplied antivirus utility from McAfee - it's only a 6-month trial package and McAfee does not appear to support post purchase upgrades on their site - if they do it's impossible to find. Instead get a subscription copy of Avast for WHS - cheap enough - $39US per year. There is no console GUI so you have to trust that it is working in the background - which it does. Big notice - DO NOT install any antivirus/security software that has a firewall feature as all will have a default setting to refuse RDC sessions - so you're hooped and will probably have to reformat and reinstall everything.

Supplied utility with the Acer functions well for even novice users. Running the CD at all Windows computers on your LAN will auto configure a backup routine to backup data to the Acer - not bad, just wished there was a similar feature for Mac OSX and Linux systems - still map and run regular backups as required from those. There is also a one touch backup from any USB drive to the Acer - great feature. But don't forget to backup the Acer as well - redundancy is never overkill - especially when you need the data.

Overall this is a good entry level home server - for cost, that is - as your not missing much in features.

Experience: 6 Months


Small and thats about it.
I have my own computer business. A competitor sold an h340 to a shop in town and they had nothing but issues. The competitor stopped giving service to the shop so they turned to me. I had to send the unit 3 times to acer within 1 month. First time they didnt change the right part, and the 2 other times they had to change the motherboard. Also Acer Technical Support LVL 1 is in India and they dont even know that the 340 is a server and doesnt have a VGA/mouse/keyboard connection. They tell you to press F8 on startup !!!...anyway...LVL 2 is in USA which isnt much better. For all the hours ive put in that piece of crap the shop gave the unit to me. I sold them a new HP EX495 which is Awesome. No connection problem or anything...and also I know that HP's tech support is 523454325 times better. Again DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I dont have a ORDERID since I didnt bought it through NCIX, the shop did...so Ill have to quote it 3 stras but its not even worth 1. Also, NCIX has absolutely nothing to do with this unit's problems.

Experience: 9 Months


One of the best 'out of the box' product experiences I have had the pleasure of enjoying, getting it with the bonus drive makes it even better. A snap to setup, the small size and modest db levels are a plus, easy on the electric bill. I have this unit backing up 2 laptops and one desktop, also serving audio and video to a home theater.
None aside from what seems to be an excessively long load time for the Windows Home Server Console, which I seem to never use anyway.
Be sure that if you are doing a wireless network that you are prepared to cable up for the first backup procedure. Large installs or file collections may fail to complete if you have any hiccups in your wireless network. This is for the first backup only, every backup since has been flawless in my case, ymmv.

Very happy and it's an Acer to boot!

Experience: 6 Months


Size, 4 trays
mine went out of commission in 6 months. Sent it back for repair, and came back still crappy and slow. Acer customer service is horrible. Nobody you talk to speaks a lick of English and its like pulling teeth to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about. I will not buy an Acer product again.
In other words, don't waste your time. Im sure there is another company out there that will represent their products better.

Experience: 14 Days


hot swap bays
windows 32 bit software runs on it
CPU runs hot (63) C
high power consumption compared to other NAS's
locked into windows unless you KWTFYD
This is the only acer product to buy.
I hope i don't have to warranty it thru acer...
The setup was wasy, it seems to work ok..
i understand there are issues with Realtek NIC for restoring Images.
Had to add external fans as it ran warm. boots slow on green drive..
NOt all add-ins work.
Will be great with a non Atom CPU and a better backplane

needs ps3 support.

This review was modfied by poster @ 03-02-10 08:38 AM

Experience: 1 Years


Small, Easy to Use
Great little box for what it does. I have mine streaming videos/music to my popcorn hours C200 and A110. Transfers are around 60-80MB/sec copying to the internal drives. Works with the mediasonic HF2-SU2S2 4bay box plugged into esata to add 4 additional drives.

Experience: 10 Months


Can be utilized as much more than a NAS
For the price point this little box is magical. ive had mine for 10 months and ive got it going tons. it downloads my media, sorts it, shares it, and runs nmtserver (a video jukebox for the popcorn hour).

Jbod is the only drawback if you can even call it a drawback. the intel atom processor seems to bottle neck most file transfers at around 60-65MB/Sec over Gbit LAN.

I would suggest grabbing a few addins once you buy this. they is a fairly large community on the net, and lots of support for this box.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


The Aspire easyStore H340 is a wonderfully compact and quiet home appliance that lets you store, protect, share and grow your digital library with family and friends. Powered by an efficient Intel Atom Processor and controlled by the secure Windows Home Server operating system, the easyStore H340 helps to keep your files safe and backs up your home PCs.

Quick Specs:
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Standard Memory 2 GB
Weight (Approximate) 11.24 lb
Processor Speed 1.60 GHz
Processor Type Atom
Memory Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Processor Model 230
Height 8.3"
Width 7.9"
Depth 7.1"
Processor Manufacturer Intel
Number of Processors Installed 1
Number of Total Expansion Bays 4
Number of 3.5" Bays 4
Total Number of USB Ports 5
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 5
Total Hard Drive Capacity Installed 1 TB
Number of Hard Drives Installed 1

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

General Information  
     Brand Name: Acer
     Manufacturer: Acer, Inc
     Manufacturer Part Number: PG.T170W.007
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.acer.ca
     Product Line: Aspire easyStore
     Product Model: H340
     Product Name: Aspire easyStore H340 Network Storage Server
     Product Type: Network Storage Server
I/O Expansions  
     Number of 3.5" Bays: 4
     Number of Total Expansion Bays: 4
     eSATA: Yes
     Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 5
     Total Number of USB Ports: 5
     Memory Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
     Standard Memory: 2 GB
     Additional Information:
  • Chipset: Intel 945GC Express
  • Flash ROM Memory: 256 MB
  • Internet Security: McAfee Total Protection Service (6-month free trial)

Operating System Support:

  • Network Client Operating Systems:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Home Server

Physical Characteristics  
     Depth: 7.09" (180 mm)
     Height: 8.35" (212 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 5.10 kg
     Width: 7.87" (200 mm)
Power Description  
     Input Voltage: 220 V AC
110 V AC
Processor & Chipset  
     Number of Processors Installed: 1
     Processor Manufacturer: Intel
     Processor Model: 230
     Processor Speed: 1.60 GHz
     Processor Type: Atom
     Hard Drive Configuration: 1 x 1 TB
     Number of Hard Drives Installed: 1
     Total Hard Drive Capacity Installed: 1 TB
     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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URL: http://www.wegotserved.com/2009/04/30/hands-on-acer-aspire-easystore-h
Comment: A nice review from the people at we got served.
Posted by: Dan_H @01/28/10
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