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Corsair Gaming Audio Series CA-HS1 USB Headset 50mm Drivers Circumaural Earcups Dolby Digital

Corsair Gaming Audio Series CA-HS1 USB Headset 50mm Drivers Circumaural Earcups Dolby Digital - 1
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Corsair Gaming Audio Series CA-HS1 USB Headset 50mm Drivers Circumaural Earcups Dolby Digital - 55389_l.jpg Corsair Gaming Audio Series CA-HS1 USB Headset 50mm Drivers Circumaural Earcups Dolby Digital - 55389_1.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: CA-HS1JPAU

SKU: 55389
Shipping Weight: 1.6 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Experience: 3 Years


Good sound and build quality, well padded with a comfy material.
I get hot after a while under these.
A bit heavy.
I've used this headset a lot for online gaming and I can say I really like em. The mute button on the sleeved wire is useful and they are very comfortable.

Experience: 11 Days


Audio is clear and with no audio to microphone leaking. The microphone is also clear. The cord is long and has a handy volume and control and mic mute on the wire. The Wire is Braided. The headphones are slightly noise canceling.
The ear rests aren't removable for cleaning to my knowledge. The lights on the volume control make it alarmingly hot to the touch sometimes.
This headset is pretty darn good. The head phones go around your ears and are quite comfortable and the sound is clear and concise with different versions of sounds settable through the included disc program. The microphone is clear and works well over skype after a quick sound level customization and can be bent toward or away from your mouth in case you're snacking during a movie or games with friends. The audio portion of the headset doesn't leak to the microphone like I've had happen with other headsets, where people can hear on the mic what I'm hearing (Music etc) and outside noise is sufficiently cancelled out for uninterrupted use. The wire is braided and feels strong and is quite flexible and is quite long (Most headsets I've thrown away are due to the wire being to weak and wearing out).

My only quarrel with this headset is that the volume control and mic muting control on the wire gets warm or even hot to the touch from the bright lights inside of it. It's a little alarming, but.. meh.

5/5 Stars, would buy again for the price I got it at. ($49.99 down from $99.99)

Experience: 6 Months


Good sound
clear mic
No ability to turn it "off" while plugged in
It's a decent headset, does what you need it to do. Since it's USB, you need to be careful starting games before plugging in your headset. If the game or application is not DX10 enabled, it won't switch your sound over to your headset. Not a knock against this headset in particular, just USB in general.

Otherwise, not a lot of bass and directional sound is weak.

The sound quality is good though and the people I've spoken to about it, say my voice is very clear as well.

Their software isn't all that great.

Experience: 99 Days


Great sound
Conformable even after long hours
Very long cable
Great mic quality
EXCELLENT warranty
In time and gentle use Wire's do break by head piece
Microphone does not stay in position
Definitely a great set of headphones for the first year of use... shortly near the end of the year - two things happened (which apparently IS common) ...

#1 - the microphone would not stay in position - would always fall to lowest unless locked in up position.

#2 - the wire that connects to the main headphone started going wonky - making headphones and mic cut out.

BUT - Like always - Corsair's RMA is top-notch - they sent me the new version of these which are AMAZING. Better sound, and construction wise - t hey learned from their mistakes :)

Definitely a good buy considering when they do break (cause they will!) - Corsair will replace with the new model ;)

Experience: 6 Months


Nice fitting. Good sound.
Broke very easily
This is a very flimsy product and broke after 6 months. Turned the plastic piece of the side a bit to hard and it broke. Eventually sent it in to rma to corsair after the mic stopped working.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Sound, Comfortable, Quality
Long Cable (Just Cable tie it if too long)
I've had it for a week I love the Corsair software that comes with it sound is amazing for a USB headset (Doesn't use a amp or sound card)Feel great on the head and very comfortable. Mic sounds amazing and the noise cancelation really helps when on skype and gaming (if you have a loud computer) Love the Headset would buy another one any-day - Shouldn't need to amazing Build Quality plus 2 year Corsair Warranty

Experience: 4 Months


Good audio, comfy, crisp and clear microphone
None I could find
This headset is so comfy, sometimes I forget that it's on my head.

Experience: 7 Days


Good Audio
Good Microphone
Looks great
Not as good as you may think
I have full faith that if there are no unexpected problems with this headset, the quality and comfort it provides is outstanding for the price.

However, I have bought this headset for two of my friends, and both of them have had problems. The microphone wouldn't work at all for one (and he never bothered returning it), and one earpiece isn't working for the other (I am RMAing it).

Experience: 1 Years


nice paddings
easy to break but fixable
got these on sale last year, cant complain on the price and sound quality, and you get nice paddings too non-velour type which i like since they dont collect dust and dirt much. you could always solder the wires back together if they break. mic is excellent too

Experience: 1 Years


Good sound but that's all
not stable, break for no reasons, not worth the price
I dont recommend these to anyone cause i bought 3 of them for me and my friends and they all had the same problems. After a short time one side of the headphones stopped working first and then both sides stopped working, for no reasons cause we were taking care of them. so dont bother buying these they don't worth it

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

The Gaming Audio Series HS1 USB Gaming Headset is designed for gamers who are serious about audio. Massive 50mm
drivers deliver serious gaming punch, without sacrificing the sparkling sound quality you need to enjoy music and movies.
Dolby® Headphone surround sound gives you a competitive edge, and the noise-cancelling microphone ensures that your
teammates and opponents hear you loud and clear.
Extra-large earcups and fabric covered memory foam earpads provide a firm fit and excellent noise isolation without binding or
pinching, so you’ll keep your cool and keep your head in the game for hours of playtime.
The extra-large inline volume and microphone controller

• Massive 50mm drivers for high-quality audio reproduction
• Frequency response tuned to deliver serious gaming punch without sacrificing audio quality for music and movies
• Circumaural, closed-back earcups for superior noise isolation
• Replaceable memory foam earpads with fabric covers for a firm fit without binding or pinching

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

• Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
• Impedance: 32 Ohms at 1kHz
• Dynamic range: 93dB A-wtd
• USB power consumption: 250mW

• Drivers: 50mm diameter with 24mm copper wound voice coils
• Earcups: Closed-back, circumaural noise isolating
• Earpads: Replaceable memory foam with moisture-resistant covers
• Headband: Padded, adjustable with collapsing pivots for easy travel
• Cable: 3 meter USB Type A

• Type: Unidirectional noise-cancelling condenser with flexible, rotating boom
• Impedance: 2.2k Ohms
• Frequency response: 200Hz – 10kHz +/- 2dB
• Sensitivity: -45 dB +4/-2dB

Box Contents:
• HS1 USB Gaming Headset
• Driver CD for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
• Quick Start Guide
System Requirements:
• Any Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP computer with a USB connector

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URL: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/peripherals/speakers-and-headp
Comment: An excellent design that feels professional, tough and comfortable, the Corsair HS1 has a cool and crisp sound that doesn't overwhelm the ears no matter how frantic the in-game action and brings almost hi-fi clarity to music and movies too.
Posted by: Nelson_F @04/23/12
URL: http://guru3d.com/article/corsair-hs1-and-sharkoon-xstatic-sp-review/
Comment: The Corsair HS1 is possibly the best headset we’ve tested. It does all jobs you would want will and doesn’t suck at any of them. For music I found the balance too much towards the treble side and required some EQ to get more bass out of it. In games the HS1 was indeed superb, just as Corsair had
Posted by: supaaninja @08/15/11
URL: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/reviews/corsair_hs1_usb_gaming_headse
Comment: They like this headset. Alot.
Posted by: Tubbagoo @01/04/11
URL: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/10/12/corsair_hs1_usb_gaming_heads
Comment: One thing that Corsair is not known for is its audio product line. Most likely because until now it has not had one. With its new HS1 Gaming Headset Corsair is attempting to navigate some very uncharted waters but it is looking like Corsair has managed to pilot around the rocks.
Posted by: Ei3n @10/13/10
URL: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1416/
Comment: Legit Reviews takes a detailed look at the Corsair HS1 USB Circumaural Gaming Headset
Posted by: Eric L @09/30/10
URL: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-hs1-headset,2743.html
Comment: Corsair has exceeded expectations with it's HS1 gaming headset. Great audio, awesome comfort and fantastic microphone.
Posted by: Eric L @09/19/10
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