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Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black

Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 1
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Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 56672_l.jpg Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 56672_1.jpg Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 56672_2.jpg Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 56672_3.jpg Logisys CS2006BK SOHO 1 Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5EXT 5X3.5 480W 120mm Fan USB Audio - Black - 56672_4.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Logisys Computer
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Part #: CS2006BK

SKU: 56672
Shipping Weight: 14.65 lbs

Customer Reviews of Logisys Computer CS2006BK

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Experience: 1 Years


Good for the money. Side loading drive bays. Good ventilation.
Not enough HDD quick install clips for all drive bays.
1st PS was DOA. Was replaced by NCIX ASAP. Have used the case & PS now for approx. 1 year with no problems at all. Using 4 HDD's 2DVD's & 2 graphics cards.
Love the side loading drive bays & extra USB ports.

Experience: 1 Years


+Cut out mobo side for CPU
+2x Top and 2x side-panel fan/ventilation options
+Mesh front cover for the front intake fan
+Bottom PSU with Fan Ventilation
+6x 3.5" bays
+Several fan installation options
+1x optional 120mm bottom fan
+Front-above top front audio/usb panels
+Blue LED Power Switch
+Surprisingly good cable management
+Has good amount of SATA and MOLEX cables
-480watt power supply is not great at all with any mid-high range video cards.
-No ready2go water cooling holes.
-No 200mm fan options.
-The mobo cutout CPU part may not fit full on all mobos
-Little spacing for the top fan about ~3cms of space for airflow or can't fit at all depending on your mobo and CPU heatsink
-Black paint wears off easily
-4x 5.25" External bay, only need like 2x
-No SSD / 2.5" bay or socket option
-Reset button breaks easily (literally 1-5 soft push of a pen or toothpick)
-No transparent side option.
-All front panel 5.25" covers are opaque, not mesh and can be easily break too
-Back Fan no LED, front fan not included as picture depicted
-2x front USB only and not usb3.0
Well bought it as a budget with the 480watt PSU in it... I was satisfied with it, but once I get my video card running with intensive settings (PowerColor ATI HD6850) in it. It won't supply enough power to it and just shuts off the entire computer (once it hits like 65watts to it, gone. According to FurMark benchmark).

So, just a note to all of you that the PSU is just not great to use for low2mid-budget gaming.

I had so much trouble getting the mobo (MSI 890GXM-G65) into place seems like the placement screws are not aligned to my mobo.

I love the fact the top of the case has options for fans and ventilation holes... Just you have to install them before you install the CPU heatsink and/or optical drives.

No LEDs on the included fan and only has 1 fan! should have included the blue LED fans both front and back. There is also an option of a fan on the bottom of the case, a 120mm only it seems. Also that area right beside where the PSU is at... looks like you can screw in a SSD if you want. Not a great way of put it there but at least it secure and won't move as much or add an adapter.

I was very surprised how you can cable management good bit of clear space for airflow on the mobo. Though not the best but I am just amazed that this budget case+psu has this.

Overall, this case+psu has served me just about over a year... Still going strong except for high-end gaming which PSU fails miserably. So the case was a 4/5 but PSU is a 2/5.

Experience: 1 Years


Inexpensive, Looks good with all black interior. Comes with a power supply. Relatively spacious interior and almost toolfree component mounting. Bottom mounted PSU
Cheap steel contruction. Case fan really noisy. Lower drive cage misaligned. Reset switch did not work out of the box
This was part of the budget build I purchased earlier. Undertandably the included power supply unit is not reliable (but this was going to be replaced with an better unit anyway). I usually keep the cheap ps for testing or giving away so I usually have a few of them as spares. But for those interested in the PS specs it says (28A - +3.3V; 36A - +5V, 16A - +12V).I am sure those specs are overrated by the manufacturer. PS comes with a 4 pin , 20+4 pin, 4 sata and 4 molex plus a floppy) All the wires are relatively long enough for bottom mounting except for the 4-pin for the motherboard.

The case itself looks good specially with piano black exterior. Top mounted USB 2 and audio ports are conveniently located since this case will be located at floor level. Tool free mounting clips are provided for three 3.5" components and two 5.25" accessories. Side panels are held by thumbscrews but any pci bracket uses traditional screws. Case has space for 6-7 HDD and 4 optical drives. Product picture shows blue lighting, case does not come with any LED.
While the black paintjob makes the case look more expensive than it is, the steel panels are very flimsy and thin. This is probably the weakest case that I have ever seen or used. Although I'm not complaining since that quality is to be expected for something that cheap and the computer build was going to be a unit that's going to sit under the desk and forgotten. The hard drive cage was partially misaligned on the unit I received. The hard drive slid in tilted. The reset switch is located flush mounted on the top of the case. Mine did not work out of the box so I decided to disassemble the switch (as it turned out, there was just some plastic casting flash that was leftover and after removing that the switch worked).
Case has provision for seven 120mm fans. One is included although it was very noisy. )It did move a good amount of air though). Basically there's one each for the front intake, bottom intake and rear exhaust, plus two each for the side panel and the top exhaust.
I supplemented the case with 2 yateloon fans (one for intake and one for rear exhaust. The oem case fan was moved to the front and undervolted to 7 volts. This made the fan quiet enough while still seemingly provided the same airflow as one of the yateloons.
The top mounted exhaust fan locations are a different issue. The one closest to the back (right on top of the processor) is too close to the oem CPU cooler. Unless you mount a slim fan, the blade will hit the CPU cooler. If you intend to mount your optical drive at the highest location, this will basically block a third of the other top case fan thereby restricting airflow.
Despite the issues, I am still quite satisfied with the case. Sure, it doesnt compare to my silverstone or corsair case but it gets the job done. And for a system that is generally not going to be moved (except for cleaning) and going to sit under a desk, this case suffices.
Would I recommend it? Probably not except for the most budget build.

This review was modfied by poster @ 01-30-13 01:07 AM

Experience: 6 Months


- Black interior
- Loud PS
- The metal used is thin, and it deforms easily
- No Blue LED
- Fan is loud and ineffective
- Poorly engineered
The only reason i bought this case was because i was on a budget, I'd definately not get this case if i had to chose again. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Good looking case with black interior and exterior.
Blue LED's
Quiet power supply
Good cable lengths
Thin sheet metal, Most screws stripped easily because metal is so thin. Tabs bent from factory so front panel could not be removed without sliding in screwdriver to straighten tab. When installing the motherboard the standoffs stripped the threads on the case when screwing in the MB screws.
I've put together many budget systems using cases in this price range. This is by far the flimsiest, poorly engineered case I've ever used and am surprised NCIX even sells this product.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Pretty solid altho made of lighter materials, decent potential for cooling options, good looking, cheap
Doesnt actually come with the blue LED fans as pictured, fan stopped working within a week of use.
Overall i love this case.

It didnt come with the blue LED fans like are pictured above, but 25 bucks at the local computer shop can get u that np. No front fan, just the rear fan. The rear fan's wire detached and stopped working, but nothing major whatsoever.

Looks good, seems sturdy enough. Good potensial for better good cooling options. I would definately buy again if i were to get a case without a window. And for the price u cant beat it.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Ikonik by Logisys SOHO 1 ATX Case is a technologically improved case with power supply located at the bottom, 90 degree HDD tray and cable management. There are total 7 pre-drill mounting holes for 9mm~14mm cooling fans – two 12mm or 14mm on the top, one 12mm or 14mm in the front, one 12mm on the bottom, one 9mm or 12mm in the rear (12mm fan included) and two 12mm or 14mm fan on the side panel. Two USB 2.0, audio jacks and reset button are conveniently placed on the top front position for easy access. The whole case is painted in trendy black in and out. The case is capable to install the longest VGA card (ATi 5970) without an issue. It is good for SOHO users and also for Sophisticated and gaming users!

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Case type Mid tower


(W x H x D)

195 x 425 x 466 mm
Color Exterior and interior black
5.25” drive bay 4
3.5” internal drive bay 5
3.5” external drive bay 1
Expansion slots 7
Side panel TAC 2.0 / Transparent (Optional)
Material Piano illuminate ABS + Mesh bezel , SECC 0.5mm
I/O panel Audio / 2 x USB 2.0
Cooling (optional) Front: 12 cm fan x 1
Rear: 9 / 12 cm fan x1
Side: 12 or 14 cm fan x 2 (TAC 2.0 side panel only)
Top: 12 / 14 cm x 2
Mainboard support ìATX / ATX

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