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Hi Allan, That's crazy considering I only got it in December! I probably wasn't paying attention to release dates. :) Your suggestion looks like a great replacement to me, seems like it will fit all my components. If you don't mind doing one last check to ensure it is compatible with a intel i5-6500 and a nvidia geforce 1070. I checked myself but a second pair of eyes doesn't hurt. I will wait on the final decision on pricing, it doesn't appear that the suggested board is too much more than the h170 I originally purchased. Thanks, Shylee Guyan

Shylee , June 23, 2017

I ordered a Toshiba HDD on sale, said it could take up to 3-5 days but it was at the UPS store by noon the next day and I ordered it around 10 PM the evening before! 14 hours? By far the fastest service I have ever had. Awesome job NCIX, thank you.

Greg , May 19, 2017

I placed my order on March 31, the order was processed 1 business day later. Then I waited and waited, just got a notification today shows that my order has been shipped. Hooray! But today is April 10! A week after the order had been processed? What's funnier is that it was shipped right after I wrote you the email asking about my order? Exactly the same thing happened to my last order: Placed my order for pickup, waited for three freaking weeks (The item was never out of stock during that three weeks), I wrote an email, and guess what? It's ready to be picked up the next day. I was so proud of you being a Canadian brand and caring all kinds of hard to find stuff, but I truly, sincerely hope that this is the last time that I buy anything from I hope you will improve and perfect. Have a nice day

Xin , April 10, 2017

je vous remerci j'ai bien recu mon colis et livraison tres rapide et tres bon produit a tres bon rabais extremement satisfait

denis , April 06, 2017

Im surprised my package came after a day! It was also packaged nice! Really good people here! Ordered a PC case and CPU fan as well from these guys. I know I wont be disappointed. Thanks a lot NCIX!

Karl , March 14, 2017

NCIX has, without question, the best customer service in the country. It's always a pleasure to shop with NCIX. You are fast, accurate and your online price matching system trumps all of your competitors. Thank you for the consistently excellent service! -Nathaniel Hirtle

Nathaniel , February 26, 2017

Ncix's team is absolutely the best one. You did a real good job on building my pc. I appreciate all the efforts you put in this company and building performant PCs. Thanks for all!!

Nahele , February 26, 2017

Huge shout out to Russel and everyone at the Broadway location in Vancouver. I'm supper happy with my laptop and the rush job because I jumped the gun and rushed to the store when I got my order confirmation that clearly stated to wait for the pick up notification email. I also got the best price and the laptop that I wanted right away.

Garth , February 21, 2017

First of all, I need to start off by saying that even though I have been PC gaming for many years, I never had the experience of creating a custom build until I decided to build a computer through NCIX. I am certainly happy that I decided to use NCIX, so much that I was inspired to write a great review. The entire process was easy and generally quite fast (I was told the lead time to have my computer built and shipped was 15 business and it was done in 12, it was shipped on February 14th and at my door on February 17th). Everyone that helped me from NCIX was helpful and gave me the right information. Very happy to say that I will shop with NCIX from now on! Thanks!

Belinda , February 20, 2017


Michael_R60 , February 16, 2017

Excellent customer service.

Herman Peter_L , February 15, 2017

Keep up the good work!

Christian , February 07, 2017

Suggestions, none. Comments? Keep doing what you guys are doing. Excellent service & excellent products.

Daryus , February 06, 2017

Fast and excellent respond. Thank you.

Evan_F7 , January 24, 2017

respond really fast:) 100%

Yohann_V , January 24, 2017

Thank you for the prompt response and easy resolution!

Honkybonk , January 24, 2017

Prompt response. Will definitely be buying from NCIX again.

zayn , January 23, 2017

Quick and nice response. Thank you.

Evan_F7 , January 19, 2017


Jay , January 17, 2017

Thanks Jake!

Azi_Z , January 13, 2017

I was concerned there would be issues with my request but was happily surprised that it was processed within the estimated time with no issues. I will continue to purchase from NCIX.

Richard , January 12, 2017

I wanted to take a moment and thank the team at NCIX for my new computer. It's perfect! Thank you and best wishes for the new year

stefanie , January 06, 2017

Great service and in British Columbia!!! 10/10

Lynn , January 04, 2017

Excellent Customer service.

Ameera_K , January 04, 2017

Very happy with NCIX services. Keep up the good work.

Ameera_K , January 04, 2017
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