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It was my first experience with NCIX, and certainly not the last. Great, proactive service, fast delivery and awesome products. Cannot ask for more!

Thomas , December 30, 2016

I would like to thank NCIX for making the building of my gaming PC a total breeze! You always have everything I need and are always good in helping me with problems. Thank you!

Ole , December 28, 2016

Thanks for your excellent assistance...(that's the reason I have been shopping at NCIX for almost 20 years!)

Neil , December 28, 2016

The response was simple and very informative. The response time was quite quick, too.

Ryan Ng , December 24, 2016

I wanted to say thanks to the Customer Care specialists at NCIX. Understanding that the time between black Friday and Christmas must be a very busy time for you all my recent inquiries were resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you again for your service with addressing and resolving my concerns. Happy Holidays, Chris Pickford

Chris , December 22, 2016

Picked the GPU I wanted on Friday, was stittin in my computer on Monday. Great service, great prices, fast delivery, will be shoppin here again.

evan , November 30, 2016

I cancelled two different consecutive orders to make a final third one. ncix's Katie provided great support despite my repetitive indecisiveness. Thanks a lot!!

Lutfi , November 30, 2016

Hi, I just wanted to say I had a great experience with dealing with your call center. Giang Tran was excellent at helping me out and ensuring all my questions were answered fully. Thanks again, Neil

Neil , November 24, 2016

Wonderful product and fast delivery I am happy that I found your online store !! Nicolas

Nicolas , November 18, 2016

We are sitting on our front porch having a cup of tea and the Purolater guy just pulled up. He delivered both parts we ordered. How's that for service. WOW. We ordered it Tuesday afternoon about 5pm. THANK YOU Sandy Gibson

Sandy , November 03, 2016

Jake was informative and concise, my billing error was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. Thanks, Jake!

Trollmonkey , November 03, 2016

Gr8 Support, thanks.

n888 , November 01, 2016

Awesome team, thank you very much!

Hades_Nexus , October 27, 2016

No problems working with customer support on any issued that I've had over the years.

comsult , October 26, 2016

Order was packaged and sent the next day, everything was in good condition when i got it, but there was a problem with the stocking of one piece witch NCIX fixed happily right away. I will defiantly be buying my computer products from them again.

Robert , October 23, 2016

Katie was sublime, excellent communication skills and replied in a very timely manner. If I could request for her assistance every time I would.

Michael_B132 , October 21, 2016

Spectacular service as usual, a huge thank you.

ragnazar , October 20, 2016

I buy since 2007 I think and I always have great service. NCIX is the best place to buy :)

Pascal , October 18, 2016

10/10 perfect customer service!

Gurf , October 17, 2016

Speedy Reply. Thank you

Jack , October 12, 2016

Thanks, you guys are always solid.

coincidence , October 05, 2016

Absolutely wonderful service. Although the problem was simple and I was just being dumb, it was solved in a very timely manner considering my schedule.

Richard , October 05, 2016

Ordered everything around 11pm one night and by the next morning was already receiving emails that my parts were being shipped to the pick up location. I even received an email from someone directly saying some items would take a bit longer to ship and was offered to switch some items to make the whole process a bit faster. I switched some but all in all still picked up everything by 2 (or so) days later. Everything worked as expected, no issues and very happy with my experience that NCIX has become my go to!

Martin , September 26, 2016

I was worried about my first time ordering from NCIX but after my package with free shipping and pricey items arrived in perfect condition I was astonished and hooked, so thank you NCIX for great service and may every furture order good as smoothy

Logan , September 26, 2016

Thumbs up!

Olivier_T3 , September 23, 2016
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