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As always, 5/5 100% satisfied with your service

Mathieu_S8 , September 23, 2016

Keep up the excellent work guys! Your track record for support and customer satisfaction will keep me coming back for years to come, and recommending you to anyone looking to do their own build!

Paul , September 22, 2016

My wife asked me, why do I order from NCIX? It's because of fantastic support like this :)

Rong , September 21, 2016

Very fast response, thx !

Peter , September 20, 2016

Thank you very much for your awesome support, Giang and the whole team at NCIX! Other websites should learn from you!

Jean , September 20, 2016

NCIX always delivers on the best price & the best service in Canada & the world! ;-)

Ronald , September 20, 2016

Ordered on Wednesday and both packages arrived on Friday; very fast shipping! Everything was delivered and working in mint-condition. Thanks, NCIX!

Tiffany , September 09, 2016

Always great support from ncix

Hotwheels75 , August 24, 2016

Never had a negative experience! I have been a loyal customer for many years now, procuring equipment for personal and business needs alike, and the top notch service and low prices are second to none. Joe

kadoogan , August 22, 2016

Everything went smoothly, great customer service as always!

Nicholas_K16 , August 21, 2016

We purchase most of our business equipment through NCIX and are always happy with the quality, service & speed. We love you NCIX! -Mikael

Mikael , August 18, 2016

Fast customer support and really helpful! 10/10 will buy again! Thx Katie and the Ncix crew!

Kevin , August 18, 2016

I ordered a 16GB RAM kit on NCIX and I'm pretty happy with the product I got. I had some problems to pay the invoice so I contacted the customer support, and I would like to thank Eric and Katie very much for their availability and very helpful answers ! I will continue do to my business with NCIX for sure un the future.

Alexandre , August 11, 2016

I really have a good service and I'm really satisfy with the answer I receive. I was receive a quick answer and They really help me!

Marie-Andrée_B , August 10, 2016

It is wonderful ordering from NCIX you guys are always so on-top of everything. Great customer service!

Bradley , August 09, 2016

Great service! Couldn't have asked for more.

Jacob_B19 , August 09, 2016

I have been getting my computers and parts through you guys for years now and the service is always excellent. I am really happy with my recent order, and love that your video cards/sound cards, etc. always come with their beautiful original boxes. Shipping was fast as well. Everything I've ever bought has worked great and lasted forever. I only buy computer stuff through you, just wanted to say thank you! -Curtis

Curtis , August 03, 2016

NCIX is truly an amazing website and I am always happy after shopping with you.

CrohnsBoi , August 03, 2016

I'm always so astounded by the speed and quality of NCIX. Keep up the amazing work.

CrohnsBoi , August 03, 2016

Trust ncix with all my computer needs, awesome prices and an even better staff.

Azazal , July 25, 2016

Keep being awesome!!!

KYJellyFish , July 20, 2016

I love the keyboard/mouse pair I bought last week, but the on/off switch quit the day after I got it. NCIX RMA to the rescue... and I now have a replacement less than 20 hours after the RMA was approved. You guys know how to keep a really old geek happy to be your customer. - Michael M Vancouver

Michael , July 19, 2016

Incredible support!

Magnus_J , July 15, 2016

Amazingly quick responses. Thanks!

Mathieu , July 15, 2016

Good customer service! I'm satisfied Thank you NCIX!

Buconer , July 13, 2016
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