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Am impressed with your customer service thanks again so much!

Wesley , July 13, 2016

Even though I have never had any real issues in the past with orders from NCIX, this little issue was dealt with more than what I expected. I even feel a little "spoiled" at how great they treated me. I will always be confident in dealing with this company, no matter what happens.

RoboShop , July 11, 2016

Thank you, as always its been a pleasure buying from NCXI, you guys are awesome.

Overmind_900 , July 11, 2016

A day after I wrote a message about a refund of a product I was immediately able to get a refund as well as some nice and friendly customer support. Very eager to buy products from you again!

Joshua , July 09, 2016

Interactions were fast and professional, delays for my item were out of NCIX control, will do business with them again.

Francis , July 08, 2016

Thanks NCIX!

Brandonkkc , June 29, 2016

Great customer service and good people.

specialkone , June 22, 2016

I have bought two custom built systems as well as numerous bits and pieces over the years and always find the staff helpful and quick to respond. Both custom builds were meticulous and have been great performers.

Mike , June 21, 2016

Great store, Great atmosphere. Thanks to all the staff and especially Ryan Wee for providing an excellent experience, NCIX will be my first choice for PC and electronic needs!

Eric , June 21, 2016

Every time I deal with NCIX my expectations are met above and beyond. This is exactly why NCIX has earned me as a life-time customer.

Andrei_Y , June 21, 2016

Excellent service. Thank you. :)

Regulatory , June 15, 2016

never disappointing. always satisfying with my needs. I purchased about 10 goods and none of them arrived later then expected day and customer service is excellent! they are very kind and caring about my problem. whenever my friends ask anything about buying computer stuffs, I always recommend NCIX without a single hesitation.

Jong , June 14, 2016

Very happy with my order, arrived in very good condition, and set up was very easy.I've always been very satisfied with anything I've bought from Ncix whether it was in store or online to be delivered to me,thank-you Ncix

Marilyn , June 13, 2016

I ordered a monitor and it was processed and shipped in about 40 minutes. Insanely fast processing and customer service!

Tessa , June 02, 2016

I ordered a nepton 240m on saturday since it can no longer be obtained in my country. At first the int'l shipping seemed a little pricey, but I decided to for it anyways. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I got it by thursday and suddendly the int'l shipping cost made a lot of sense because it was shipped by air. This is one of the best shopping websites I've encountered. Impressive.

Gilberto , May 26, 2016

Now that's what I call a quick customer service! Thanks for the information and professionalism.

Maxime_S17 , May 20, 2016

Exemplary customer service, will definitely be buying from NCIX again. Thanks!

Andrew_T56 , May 17, 2016

I placed an order but i had to cancel it so i called them and a guy took care of it straight forward! i know it is not a big deal stuff but he was very polite and caring about my problems. We all face many customer services here and there but ncix customer service is the best.

Jong , May 12, 2016

Responded extremely quickly and took care of issue I had.

Jason_V19 , May 11, 2016

I received my Logitech H800 in less than 2 days - MUCH faster than expected. Best price I could find online, and I love the product - it's perfect! Thank you so much!!!

Michael , May 11, 2016

Just keep on doing what you are doing. Excellent customer service.

arsenaum52 , May 10, 2016

Best in BC

Dollackwarehouse - Online , May 10, 2016

Nice, friendly, helpful staff.

JasonW , May 07, 2016

Thank you for responding so quickly and clearly. Your answer satisfied me and I have nothing to add :)

Drolt , May 03, 2016

This is exactly why I shop at NCIX, your custoemr service is top notch!

Kyle_M46 , May 03, 2016
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